Going Over The Falls

Part complex family saga, part thrilling surf adventure, Going Over the Falls is a story about the sacrifices we make, and how true love can revive us when we wash ashore, broken.

Dr. Lorna Jacobs’ world turns upside down when her estranged mother, Alex Morneau arrives in her E.R. needing care for a mysterious illness. After a painful childhood trying to keep up with the surf-obsessed and neglectful Alex, Lorna is unsure of how far she’s willing to go to help her. But before Lorna can deliver the prognosis—an aggressive form of cancer—Alex disappears. Unable to turn her back on her mother, Lorna leaves behind her job and the man she loves to search for the woman who so often abandoned her for the waves.

The adventure, however, proves disastrous at every turn. Finally, Lorna finds Alex operating a fledging surf camp in a tiny town in Mexico. As Alex’s condition deteriorates, Lorna easily fills the role of caregiver, though the emotional connection she craves remains frustratingly out of reach. Alex presses her for one more surf adventure, and Lorna reluctantly agrees, hoping for a final chance to make things right. But a tragic accident forces Lorna to make an impossible choice, one that would force her to give up everything she’s worked so hard to create.

Her one chance at rescue will come from the man she left behind, but only if he can find her.



Waeschle’s writing is so vivid you can feel the salt spray on your skin and the wind in your hair. This story of surfing, loss and forgiveness is one to savor.

Megan Chance
Bone River, and A Drop of Ink

Amy Waeschle is back with another epic surf tale that will take your breath away. Waeschle writes with detail and urgency, her characterization of the sea conveying every mood and nuance. The surfing descriptions read like thriller poetry; your heart races, your fists clench, and you marvel at how an author can capture the distinct personality of every wave in words. Going over the Falls is a great read for those who like surfing, like a good love story, like strong female protagonists—and don’t mind getting salty, wet, and gripped from the comfort of their own armchair.

Janna Cawrse Esarey
The Motion of the Ocean

Reading Going Over The Falls is like sitting in the lineup, watching that perfect wave come at you—it builds with speed and strength and then gives you the ride you’ve been waiting for. Amy Waeschle has crafted a novel with beautiful prose, characters that stay with you, and a story that is as unpredictable as the ocean itself. Catch this wave.

Jeff Shelby
Killer Swell and Thread of Hope

A thrilling surf adventure, a family drama, a love story, and memorable, complex characters—Waeschle manages all of this in Going Over the Falls. Full of suspense, heartbreak, redemption, and unexpected twists and turns, Going Over the Falls is a joy to read.

Brett Hodus
President, Full Tilt Books

I love Amy Waeschle’s work. She carves a truly unique line as a writer, combining hard-won knowledge of the ocean and surfing with tales of young women on the road that nobody else could tell. Going Over The Falls brings all that together with the intricate plotting and rich character development of a strong and fully realized novel. It’s Waeschle’s best book yet.

Daniel Duane

Caught Inside, A Surfer’s Year on the California’s Coast

Going Over the Falls is a novel about longing, love, and letting yourself trust in something that could crush you or carry you into a dazzling future. Amy Waeschle’s characters are achingly human, and her descriptions are immersive, verging on poetic. A great choice for readers craving distant shores.

Jennifer Skogen
The Haunting of Grey Hills series 

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