I am a professional copy editor and developmental editor. I have edited over 100 books for publication, mostly in the young adult and middle grade market. I also edit adult fiction, cookbooks, memoir, articles, and web content. Editing books and stories is my passion; I love helping writers make their stories stronger. It is immensely satisfying to connect with a person’s work and make it shine.


Developmental Editing

This is often the first stage of the revision process. Writers finish a book and need a way to evaluate its strength and weaknesses, and make sure the pieces contribute to the whole. This is the “big picture” edit that locks in the content.

In a developmental edit, your manuscript will be carefully read and analyzed two times, with careful attention to how well the parts connect to the overall theme or focus. I will provide detailed critique notes using Word’s “track changes” tool, plus a follow-up phone call (or e-mail).

For fiction, the critique will address genre, authenticity, plot structure, beginnings/endings, pacing, setting, character development, voice, point of view, dialogue, spelling, and grammar.

For nonfiction, the critique examines theme, flow of logic, clarity, tone of voice, wording, spelling, and grammar.

Structural/Line Editing

Line editing can fix wonky sentences, improve flow and clarity, and address organization flaws and areas where further development or research is needed. This is the choice for manuscripts with set content (either because they have already been developmentally edited or because the author is not interested in content revision) but that need improvements in:

  • sentence structure
  • tone
  • word choice
  • tense
  • consistency
  • accuracy
  • grammar, usage, spelling, and punctuation

Light Copyediting and Proofreading

Manuscripts that have already been edited and revised may only need “one more pass,” before publication. This type of edit fixes all remaining errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and formatting.


Examples of books I’ve edited


Amy has helped my company with copyediting, content editing, fact checking, and writing. She is always very communicative, and hits her deadlines. We often give her the “hard” tasks because we know we can depend on her, and she can figure things out independently.

Jenny Skogen, Book Buddy Media on March 1st, 2017 


Amy displays the qualities I sought that made my experience all the better. Hiring her as an editor meant I also hired someone who communicates well, is prompt in replies with options to produce the best result possible, and is versatile enough to work on a variety of requests.

Travis Blair, Chief Creative Officer, Zarfling Platoon on February 26th, 2017


Amy puts the professional in professional editor. She edited my novel and her suggestions and guidance were crucial to improving my work. Her comments were not only insightful and helpful, but she turned around the manuscript in record time. She possesses a unique ability to see the big picture along with the knowledge and skill to edit on a sentence level. Most importantly, as an author herself, Amy understands that your manuscript is your baby, and she grows attached to it, and shows it the same loving care you do. She respects an author’s passion and commitment. I only wish I could write faster so I can work with Amy on my next book.

Brian Gibson, author, Strike Anywhere, on February 12th, 2017


Amy acted with professionalism and class. Gave me great opinions on what she thought sounded best for the better of the project. I would definitely work with/hire her again!

Brandon Sweeny on January 25, 2017


Amy was the lead editor for our cookbook, As Wild As It Gets. She did an excellent job. She was able to use her wordsmithing skill to change phrases so they were interesting and humorous when appropriate. She maintained a consistency in all her edits and her grammatical changes were right on. She also does something that is not always available from other editors, i.e. she maintains the voice of the author and promotes the author’s agenda, not the editors. Greatly appreciated.

Duke Moscrip, author, As Wild As It Gets. November 12, 2016


Amy is an excellent editor. She was my content editor for a young adult fiction series, and I found her comments enlightening and thought provoking. She is not afraid of criticizing work, but always does so in a positive and constructive manner that ultimately benefits the work. I would love to work with Amy again on future projects. Amy’s insights into content editing and character development have undoubtedly made me a better writer.

JD Martin-Olzman, author, The Meteor. January 4, 2017

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